Will your dreams come true? Do you aspire to get married, have children? Become a home owner? Retire comfortably? Have money put aside for the rainy days? Invest wisely?

Life is full of opportunities as we move through its various stages. Here are just some situations where talking to us can really help.

Key Life facts in 2014

  • €21,134 average Irish wedding
  • €171,000 for an Irish Home
  • €2,260 pa secondary education in a public school, private €7,005 pa
  • €7,902 pa third level education, cost of living for a student living away from home, €4,176 living at home
  • €230.30, state pension per week

Life Events

Buying & Protecting your Home

When making a significant purchase such as buying a home, it’s best to get independent advice and to protect your investment against life’s unexpected events (fire, theft, death or illness). We can find you the best value mortgage form a range of types (trackers, fixed, variable), terms (10 to 40 years) and providers.

Protecting & Preparing for an Expanding Family

As any parent will tell you, their children are their first priority. Developing them for their lives ahead and protecting them from life’s hardships are necessities not luxuries. Many people have health insurance to ensure the best care during illness or injury but often overlook the need for financial insurance to cover the rest of the bills while they’re not fit to work or should the worst happen. Serious illness protection and life cover are vital for protecting your family and partner in these circumstances, so there’s one less worry on their minds.

Planning your Children’s Education & Saving for rainy days

It’s also the time to start saving for education and putting money aside for the rainy days, both can have a significant impact on your financial circumstances. It’s best to plan ahead rather than have to make hard decisions on whether you can afford to send them to college, afford those home improvements or holiday. Specific saving accounts can offer flexible options and provide for these needs.

Turn your Lumpsum into an Investment

Receiving a lumpsum payout can be very exciting and we are here to help you fully understand all of your investment options so you can use your lumpsum wisely.

Providing for your Golden Years

It’s important to plan for a retirement income and lump sum so your pension starts working for you when you stop working. We’ll first review your pension provision and then remove the jargon from investment funds which are suitable to your risk attitude and financial goals.

We look at the bigger picture for you, talk to us about your dreams and we’ll help make them a reality.