• Mortgages

    Due to a change in our services, we no longer offer independent advice on mortgages, however we will refer you on to someone who will do the shopping around for you, offering access to several lenders, providing a hassle-free service and they will do the chasing of banks and help your choose the best rate and type (tracker, fixed, variable) over 10-40 years term.

  • Protection

    Protecting you and your family's future can cost from as little as €1 per day. We can get quotes from several providers to ensure you get the best deal and advice on the most suitable plan.
    • Life assurance
    • Income protection
    • Mortgage protection
    • Serious illness
    • Reviews of existing plans
  • Pensions

    Providing for your golden years, unless you put a retirement plan in place, your income could drop by nearly 72% when you retire! The State Pension contributory in 2012 was €11,975, but the average industrial wage in 2012 was 41,807, you need to save for your retirement to avoid a big drop in income.  A longer life means a longer retirement that you need to fund for.  
    • Personal & Company plans
    • Pension draw down  options and benefits
    • Tax relief and tax free lumpsums
    • Reviews of existing pension plans
  • Investments

    By working with you we can design an investment & saving portfolio which matches your needs. We can offer guarantees & income options, high risk/reward, property, stocks and commodity options. By been independent we can seek the best options from a range of providers and a choice of investment options.
    • Investment plans and portfolio planning
    • Savings plans
    • Deposits
    • Guaranteed options, income options
    • Property, stocks, commodities and more ....

Financial Planning & Guidance.
Our motto is to save you time & money, by offering a personalised service tailored to you, we will research the market for the best solutions and offer independent, unbiased advise.

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