Why FAQ?

Independent, impartial advice

Why do I need financial advice?

Financial products typically have a series of technical, investment and taxation features, and while some consumers may be able to find their own way through the jargon, others will benefit from the expert advice and guidance of a Financial Broker.

 What is a Financial Broker?

A Financial Broker is an expert in financial matters, as a Financial Broker I provide services including: personal financial planning, life cover, serious illness cover, income insurance, health insurance, savings, investments, pensions, retirement planning and mortgages.

 What can I expect from your services?

As a Financial Broker I will take time to get to know you and your financial goals and help you come up with a plan. They will research products that match your needs from the range of companies they deal with, providing a “fair analysis” of the relevant market.

And your expertise?

I am a Qualified Financial Adviser with over 17 years experience of looking after clients. As a full time professional, I constantly study all relevant markets and receive regular briefings from various product providers along with participating in a continues professional development programme.

How can I be sure that you will put my interests first?

As the majority of my customers are repeat long term, it is in my interest to put your needs first. By law I must put your interests above commissions in my recommendations. Brokers are subject to rigorous enforcement rules by the Central Bank of Ireland and may face fines, revocation or disqualification if they do not follow those rules.

How much will it cost to engage a Financial Broker?

Our service starts with a free consultation, following that as a financial broker I generally get paid by the chosen product provider, there is generally no extra charge compared to dealing directly with the provider. So you get a choice of many providers, impartial advice and personal service without any extra cost and without the hassle of finding the best deal yourself. Any additional fees payable by you will be outlined in my terms of business given to you before they start any work for you.

What are the benefits of dealing with your Financial Brokerage?

Solid financial plans and strategy:

I will analyse your resources and develop a strategy to minimise your risks and get the most out of your money over time.

Matching strategy with your risk tolerance:

Your attitude to risk is critical when making forward-looking financial decisions. I will work with you to assess your risk tolerance and create a suitable plan with that in mind.

Making the best choice for you:

Everyone is different. Your age and stage in life, your current circumstances and your future plans will all effect what will work best for you. I am experienced in creating customised plans for each individual.

Finding the right price for you:

I operate on a fair comparison basis. When there are multiple products that match your requirements they will find the lowest cost option on the market.

Charges can be complex and may include policy fees, allocation rates, bid offer spreads and fund management charges. My role is to access this information and explain it to you in simple terms.

Guiding you through product features:

Financial products such as life assurance, serious illness cover, investment bonds and pensions can be complicated. I will guide you through the maze of technical features, highlighting relevant issues.

High level of personal service:

With me, you can expect a high level of personal service that may not be available from a large organisation. A Financial Broker’s aim is to directly serve your interests over a long term as a client rather than a once-off customer.

Arranging the policy and implementing the plans:

There can often be considerable amounts of paperwork involved in implementing financial products. I will be familiar with this and ensure your policies and investments are set up correctly.